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The Best Overwatch Characters for New Players

The Best Overwatch Characters for New Players

Overwatch 2 is, in our opinion, one of the most fun hero shooters ever. We know that some people are not massive fans of it since the F2P changes, but it does make it easier to buy Overwatch items if you’re into them.

If you’re diving into Overwatch 2 for the first time, then you may want to know which Overwatch 2 characters to start with. What follows are our favorite Overwatch characters. Jump into these in a game, and your life will be so much easier. You may even do decently well in the game.


Honestly, one of the easiest ways to jump into Overwatch 2 is to play a support hero. You’ll be benefiting your team, and nobody really cares if you don’t end up at the top of the kill charts. Lucio is one of the most fun to play. You can heal, speed boost, and do a decent amount of damage. Once you’ve queued as Lucio, we are certain you won’t want to queue as anybody else.


There are multiple DPS routes we could have gone down for ‘ease of play’. We’ve gone for Tracer. She is simple to play, but pumps out a decent amount of damage. She also has a ‘reverse’ ability, where you can heal yourself if things get a little bit hairy.


While Cassidy, the ‘cowboy-inspired’ hero is a slow shooter, he packs a real punch with every bullet that lands. Plus, it is easy to aim with him. A well-placed shot in the head can easily take another hero out. Plus, his Ultimate lets you shoot a few bullets at once, potentially taking out half a team.


We know that some people steer clear of tanks nowadays, but if you are willing to brave them, then D:VA is for you. With D:VA, you’ll be sitting in a metal robot. Lose your robot? Run away. It is basically 2 lives. The robot will eventually replenish. The reason why you want her as a hero, though is because of her ultimate ability. We’re sure all of you have been caught in the midst of a D:VA explosion before. Hit the ultimate in the middle of a team fight, and you can be kissing goodbye to your enemies.

Want to Get Started in Overwatch 2 Today?

One of the big problems with Overwatch 2 right now is the fact that it’ll take a huge amount of effort to unlock all Overwatch characters if you’re just jumping into the game for the first time. This is why we recommend anybody getting started in Overwatch 2 look into Overwatch accounts for sale. It’ll have you starting in the game quickly, and hopefully owning everybody with these Overwatch characters.

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