5 Reasons to Make Sure you Have a Travel Hairbrush

5 Reasons to Make Sure you Have a Travel Hairbrush

You pack your purse, gym bag, diaper bag, or suitcase with what feels like everything but the kitchen sink. Did you remember a travel hairbrush, though?

Many women think they have to lug around their normal hairbrush – the one they use to get ready in the morning or brush their hair at night. Why lug around something so big? First of all, it’s heavy. Second, if you aren’t protecting the bristles, you’re putting dirt, debris, and germs in your hair.

That’s probably not what you had in mind when you carried your brush with you.

If this sounds like you, check out the top five reasons you should carry a portable brush with you.

You Work a Hectic Job

Are you a nurse or work with the public and are on your feet all day? Are you constantly hustling and bustling your way through your day only to look in the mirror and gasp at your appearance?

Carry a travel brush with you and you can fix your hairdo at any time. Not only will it put your hair back in place, but it will detangle your hair, and make you feel good. Remember the relaxing feeling that brushing your hair at the end of the night does for you? Why not give that to yourself throughout the day? You deserve it.

You Have Kids and Run Around

If you have kids you’re constantly chasing, we promise your hair gets tangled. You may not think it looks bad or that it needs brushing, but it does. Even if you can’t ‘feel’ the tangles, they are there.

Consider it a little ‘me time’ and take five minutes to brush your hair. Whether you’re on the playground, at preschool, or running the kids to and from their activities – a portable brush that you can flip out at any minute is a great way to get your hair under control.

You Travel a Lot

If you’re still traveling, a travel brush is a necessity. Again, why lug around your full-size brush? Not only is it cumbersome, but it’s unsanitary.

A travel hairbrush with a proper cover is what you need. It will not only protect the bristles from damage, but it will keep the dust, dirt, and germs out of your brush. We’re guessing you don’t want the debris in your hair – so finding a travel brush with a proper cover is crucial. Plus, it makes the bristles last longer so you spend less money buying brushes.

You Love Cute Accessories

There’s nothing cute about a full-size brush. When you pull it out of your purse, it’s not a conversation starter or something to make you smile. It’s just an everyday tool you use to keep your hair in place.

A travel brush, though, can take on many shapes and styles including a super cute hair accessory. Find a brush that comes in fun colors and has an ergonomic shape. Not only will you take care of your hair better, but you’ll have something to make you and those around you smile.

You Hate Tangles

Most importantly, if you’re like us, you hate tangles. They can ruin even the best mood. Ever try to run your fingers through knotted hair? It’s not a pretty sight and it can put you in a pretty foul mood.

If you hate tangles too, you need a travel detangling brush that will be easy to use no matter where you are and of course, it will eliminate your tangles.

Get Yourself a Quality Travel Brush Today

If you don’t have a quality travel brush, it’s time. You and your hair deserve it. We bet you’ll be amazed at how much it reduces your stress, relaxes you, and of course, detangles your hair.

There’s just something about having hair that’s in place and well-kept up that can make anyone feel good. Get a travel brush that will stand the test of time, act as a cute accessory and that has the protection the bristles need to keep it in good condition.


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