6 Tips On How To Make Ear Piercing A Comfortable Experience

6 Tips On How To Make Ear Piercing A Comfortable Experience

Nowadays, many kids are wearing earrings starting at a young age. It is a sign that they are growing up and they want to wear earrings to decorate their ears just like adults. If your kid tells you he wants to pierce his ears, you may start thinking about how to let him go through the process safely. The following are 6 tips on how to make kids ear piercing a more comfortable experience.

Let Your Kid Bring Along Her Best Friends

Some kids feel more brave and can do things more confidently when they are accompanied with their friends. If your child has a best friend, you can let her invite that friend over to accompany him to the salon for the ear piercing session. While your kid’s ears get pierced, her friends can cheer and give her words of encouragement.

Visit A Kids Friendly Ear Piercing Salon

You should bring your child to a kid friendly salon to get her ears pierced. Ask your kid about her opinion on the salon where she would like to get her ears pierced. Some like to go to a salon that is located in a busy shopping mall as the sound of people talking can distract them and help them forget the pain. Some kids are opposite and they like salon located in a quiet location instead.

Treat Your Kid To Her Favorite Food

You can treat her a food she likes to eat if she agree to sit quietly and let the stylist pierce her ears. Food treats always work in getting the children do what the parents want with minimum pressure. You can also pack one or two of your kid favorite toy so that she can play with them during the ear piercing process.

Ear Piercing

Give Support To Your Kid

As a parent, you must let your kid know that she has your support. If you are by your kid side, she can tell you about any pain she feel and you can give her comforting words. You can keep talking to her and make her feel comfortable until the end of the ear piercing process. You and your spouse can make the decision to accompany the kid to the salon if the kid prefer the both of you for company.

Be Frank With The Kid

It is important that the parent is frank with the kid about what will happen in the ear piercing process. You can first call the salon and ask for information of the procedure. After that, you can describe the procedure to the kid and tell her that she will feel a little bit of pain on the ear like an ant bite when the stylist punch a hole on her ears. However, you are not supposed to tell the kid that she won’t feel hurt at all.

Be Patient With The Kid

If your child gets scared, you must be patient and keep talking to her until all her fears are gone. Keep telling her that ear piercing is only a short process that takes less than 5 minute. You need to tell your child that it is only a little pain and she should be able to manage it. It is important not to be frustrated and scold the kid as she might change her mind afterwards.


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