All You Need to Know About Elevator Shoes for Every Occasion Is Here

All You Need to Know About Elevator Shoes for Every Occasion Is Here

Sometimes, elevator shoes are misconceived. They are seen as luxurious pieces that one should only take out on special occasions. The truth is, that was the way they started, but elevator shoes are increasingly making their way into people’s quotidian life as time goes by.

Because that is a reality that took me by surprise, too, I decided to put together this blog post and help you better style them for every occasion. Furthermore, I am about to tell you why, when, and with what you should wear them.

Are you ready to lift up your image some… 6 or 7 inches? Strap on those comfy elevator shoes because here we go.

Why Elevator Shoes?

The main reason why people in general wear elevator shoes is because they make you look and feel taller. This is not a minor thing depending on your height and weight. Also, the extra inches you gain with your shoes will make your entire body look slimmer, smarter, more streamlined.

A very common mistake in this regard is thinking that they work covering some kind of a flaw. That is not the case; elevator shoes are great in a fashion sense. They work harmonically with your body embellishing your body shape. It’s like talking about wearing black or any dark color to appear thinner.

Wearing elevator shoes is a way to feel and look prettier.

What Can he Get From Them?

Men are very prone to wearing casual shoes. Indeed, if you look inside the average man’s wardrobe, you will very likely find a pair of good shoes, or even two, and then sneakers of every color and brand. That difference between regular shoes and sneakers is visible because, more often than not, sneakers have large rubber soils that elevate you.

What happens when you have to go to work? Do you have to lose those extra inches you won with your workout sneakers? Not necessarily; you can wear elevator shoes.

For men, a comfortable pair of elevator shoes can be the closest you get to your favorite sneakers while still being formal.

What About Her?

Women, on the other hand, are more used to wearing shoes. Whether it is a cultural factor or the idiosyncrasy of each country, it is more common to see women wearing formal dress shoes than men.

So, what’s in elevator shoes for women? The answer is elegance. The clothing you wear will fall on your body with more grace, and you´ll feel that you are slimmer, more streamlined. Furthermore, your legs will appear to be longer, and all those long dresses will look even more stunning on you.

Are Elevator Shoes More Elegant than Regular Shoes?

Arguably, the answer to the above question is yes. Let’s begin by saying that by elegant clothes we mean clothing for special occasions. For example, you would match that amazing suit or dress with proper wedding shoes and not the sneakers you go running on.

Well, there is a reason behind that choice: elevator shoes are more elegant than regular shoes. Moreover, the effect they have on the person wearing them is to add elegance to their figure and dressing style. So, the answer is yes, elevator shoes engage that wow factor that gives you elegance, grace, and style.

Wearing Elevator Shoes on Special Occasions (a Great Start)

Going back to the wedding shoes example, the perfect way to start wearing elevator shoes is to buy a fancy pair for special occasions. For example, it could be a pair of cool, brown wedding shoes that will make you look taller and more handsome.

That image will definitely stick with you, and elevator shoes will make their way into your regular daily life. This is because the psychological impact of being some inches taller is not to be overlooked. Even when you go grocery shopping, elevator shoes can make you look and feel better.

Should You Wear Them to go to Work?

This is a question I get a lot from friends, and the answer is “absolutely yes!” You should wear your elevator shoes wherever and whenever you feel like. For some people, they represent a change of mood; they feel better when they look better.

Find a pair of elevator shoes that matches your job´s dress code and wear them every day; you will very soon notice the difference.

What are you Combining Them with?

Most people consider elevator shoes formal dress shoes because they only wear them with fancy clothing going out. Let me give you some practical ideas for you to look killer some inches above your usual height.

Streamlined Black

Wearing elevator shoes will make you look taller, but wearing them with a black outfit will highlight that quality even further. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it can be jeans and a t-shirt; just make sure it’s all black.

Let your Ankles Be Seen

Wearing pants that will not hide your ankles will also make you more streamlined and taller. Choose a kind that is slim fit, and that is close to your calves so you can highlight that quality a little more.

Match the Colors

Color-matching is my favorite way to wear footwear. This will allow you to go wild on the colors and engage the cool factor. Your next elevator shoes do not have to be black or brown; they can be in any style and color you choose as long as you can combine them properly.


Wearing casual shoes is a pleasure. What if I told you that your casual shoes could be elevator shoes? Moreover, what if I told you that there are elevator shoes for every occasion in life? Well, the truth is that the elevator shoe industry has gotten so big lately that they manufacture a pair of shoes for every need you might have.

Elevator shoes can literally elevate your mood, your self-image, and your overall self-opinion by stretching your height a handful of inches.

Isn’t it time that you try a pair on and see it for yourself?


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