Features To Consider When Buying A Foldable Mobility Scooter

Features To Consider When Buying A Foldable Mobility Scooter

If you or your loved ones have mobility challenges, you can enjoy more freedom and independence by using mobility scooters. However, it can be challenging to transport your mobility scooter when going far distances. Whether traveling by air or road, consider buying a foldable mobility scooter to enjoy more freedom.

When buying a foldable mobility scooter, there are some features you must consider. Depending on your intended use, weight, and portability, you can opt for different models. Let’s look at the key features to consider when buying a foldable mobility scooter.

Number of Wheels

You can choose between three-wheeled or four-wheeled foldable mobility scooters. Three-wheel scooters have one front and two back wheels, which offer better maneuverability, especially when negotiating corners. They are also ideal for taller users since they have bigger legroom.

Four-wheeled scooters that feature two wheels in the front and back are more stable and ideal for users with balance issues. However, they have lesser maneuverability when negotiating corners.


Foldable wheelchairs use batteries to power their engines. Manufacturers may pack the scooter with single or double 10V or 12V, which you can recharge when deplete. Manufacturers may use different battery types such as nickel-metal hydroxide, sealed lead acid, or lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are the best choice since they are light and more powerful.

A good fully-charged battery should power the wheelchair for about 13 to 20 kilometers. However, this will depend on the terrain and the user’s weight. Heavy users, inclines, and grassy areas consume more power.

More so, sealed-lead acid, nickel-metal hydroxide, and lithium batteries are approved to be transported by air. However, lithium batteries should have less than 25 grams of ELC, Equivalent Lithium Content to be airline approved. It is advisable to buy airline-approved batteries for more freedom while traveling on air.


Besides power, a good mobility scooter should have great maneuverability to help you navigate tight areas like grocery store aisles. You should also purchase a model with high ground clearance to prevent damaging the motor when cruising on low ground. Lastly, choose a foldable mobility scooter capable of climbing an inclined area of a minimum of 6 degrees.


When buying a foldable mobility scooter, you must ensure that it is comfortable, portable, and easy to use. Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to operate and safe. Consider mobility scooters with controls mounted on the armrest to help you speed or brake easily without leaning forward. The ideal wheelchair should carry your weight and have enough legroom for comfortability.

Other Accessories

If your budget allows, purchase a mobility scooter with extra accessories that add ease of use, comfortability, and versatility. These may include extra batteries, bags, and armrests. Some wheelchairs may have these accessories already in their package, or you may have to buy them separately.


A foldable mobility scooter is a huge investment and should last long without demanding extra costs. Therefore, buy a model which has a warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, the warranty may cover the whole wheelchair and last between 6 months to a lifetime.


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