Glueless wig, Lace front wig & Wet and wavy wig

In this blog, you’ll get to know about 3 types of wigs and their specifications.

Glueless wig:

A glueless wig is a new hot favorite wig in the wig world. Its glueless installation makes it comfy to wear and it requires no time in installation. The adjustable strap and inside combs of the glueless wig keep it secure. It’s such a blessing for working females who require a quick hairstyle that looks real.

A glueless wig enables you to opt for different hairstyles while protecting your natural hair from heat damage. Its quick installation and easy-to-take-off feature make it popular among wig lovers.

Luvmehair’s glueless wig:

If you’re intending to buy a glueless wig then no option is better than a Luvmehair. Luvmehair has top-notch quality glueless wigs that are made of human hair. Its realistic look and comfort level in installation is making it a favorite. Go grabs yours and enjoy the glueless installation.

No doubt a glueless wig also looks real like other wigs if installed properly but still if you are unable to install it properly then anyone can detect that you’re wearing a wig. A glueless wig can’t sit properly on the head like other wigs that are installed by the glue so you need to pay special attention while installing a glueless wig.

Tips to make glueless wig natural looking:

Here are some tips that gonna help you to make the appearance of your glueless wig natural and realistic so no one can detect that you’ve got a hairpiece on your head.

  • The first and foremost thing to remember is to buy a human hair glueless wig. You can buy a high-quality human hair glueless wig from Luvmehair. Human hair wigs look more natural than synthetic wigs.
  • Always choose a glueless wig according to your head size. Measure your forehead, ear to ear, temple to temple, and front to back and circumference then buy a perfect wig according to your size because an ill-fitted wig looks absurd and unnatural.
  • Go for an HD lace glueless wig for a maximum realistic appearance.
  • If the knots of your glueless wig are not bleached then bleach the knots and also pluck the hairline for a natural look.
  • Must secure your natural hair under a bald cap so your glueless wig can easily sit on your head and fits in place.
  • Cut the excessive lace along with your hairline in a zigzag position for maximum lace melting.
  • It’s better to leave some baby hair out so your glueless wig can look natural like your own hair.
  • The cherry on the top, you can also try a Luvmehair’s glueless wig with bangs for a pretty natural look and enhance your confidence.

All these amazing tips can really help you to make your glueless wig more natural and undetectable so you can enjoy your glueless wig without lowering your confidence

Lace front wig:

The lace front wig has a thin lace-based cap in half front of the wig. The lace front wig is an apple of the eye for wig lovers because of its realistic outlook. The seamless lace base and installation make it undetectable and look like the hair is actually growing out of the scalp.  On top of it, its versatility in styling and easy installation makes it more popular.

Luvmehair’s lace front wig:

If you’re a newbie and looking for some natural-looking easy installation wig then without having a second thought go for a lace front wig from Luvmehair. At luvmehair, you’ll find a wide variety of human hair lace front wigs that are made of human hair. You can buy it according to your preference and I’m sure you won’t regret buying it.

Let’s learn the installation process of lace front wig with glue.

Installation of lace front wig:

  • First, bleach the knots of your lace front wig and also pluck the hairline so it can easily mix in your scalp.
  • Make sure your natural hairs are clean and completely dry then secure your natural hair by wearing a wig cap.
  • Apply some adhesive on the hairline area where your lace front wig gonna sit.
  • Part the wig hair and Place your lace front wig on the adhesive along with the hairline so it can stick to the adhesive.
  • Set it in the middle of the hairline and gently press from the front middle of the forehead so the lace front wig can be stick to the entire hairline.
  • Use a blow dry so the glue can stick strongly to the lace front wig and lasts longer.
  • Cut off the excess lace along with the hairline.
  • Leave some baby hair for a natural look and then style your lace front wig as you like.

Wet and wavy wig: : Water Wave Lace Front Wig With Baby Hair 13X4 HD Lace Frontal  Wig Glueless Natural Black Curly Human Hair Pre Plucked Hairline Free Part  180% Density Lace Curly Hair Wet

A wet and wavy wig is no less than a blessing because it enables you to get 2 styles in one hairpiece. Its waves can be straightened and then you can again turn straight hair into wavy hair just by spraying water on it. This magical wig is a hot favorite wig because it refrains you from experimenting with your natural hair. You don’t need to use heat on your natural hair to make them straight or wavy. A wet and wavy wig flaunts waves that look eye catchy and this money-saving wig allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Isn’t it cool?

Why Luvmehair?

Now you might be convinced to buy this useful wet and wavy wig then welcome at Luvmehair. Here you’ll have a large variety of wet and wavy hair made of human hair with different textures. Luvmehair has the most affordable and premium quality wet and wavy look that can add glamour to your look. Now, what are you waiting for? Go grab your wet and wavy wig from Luvmehair and enjoy two moods.

Care and maintenance:

Let’s learn about daily care and maintenance methods for a wet and wavy wig so you can keep the wig like new and your investment didn’t go useless. The texture of wet and wavy wigs needs to be treated with proper care so they can stay longer.

Right care products:

Right care products for a wet and wavy wig can actually change the game of your wig. If you’ve got a Luvmehair wet and wavy wig that is made of human hair then for the longevity of the hairpiece you are suggested to invest in the right and high-quality care products so your wig can last longer.

Avoid using harsh chemical-based shampoo, conditioner, or mousse. Sulfates or parabens can badly damage your hairpiece. Always keep your wet and wavy wig clean and make sure that you’re using a product that will keep your wig well moisturized to avoid tangles.

Remove tangles:

This fragile hairpiece can easily get tangled if not maintained properly. The main reason for tangles is leaving the wig dry and no proper care. To avoid tangles in a wet and wavy wig you must brush the wig with a wide toothcomb before and after every use. Start combing the wig from the ends and then go towards the roots.

This method ensures no hair shedding and easily removes tangles. While wearing the wet and wavy wig you can also comb the wig gently with your fingers to ensure no tangles. This method requires no time but it ensures the longevity of your wet and wavy wig.

Beat the heat:

Luvmehair human hair wigs can bear the heat and can be permed or re-dye but still, you’re advised to use no low heat on your hairpiece. For wet and wavy wig you can use a low heat setting to make the wet and wavy wig straight. But before using the heat you can spray heat protection spray to beat the heat so your wet and wavy wig didn’t get heat damage.

Bring life into waves:

You can activate the wet and wavy wig by spraying water on it. If the wig seems dry and brittle to you use some leave-in conditioner or deep conditioner to bring life back into your wet and wavy wig. The conditioner will moisturize your wig and retain moisture in it thus increasing the life span while kicking out all the dryness and frizz.

After washing your wet and wavy wig, must air dry it because the heat dry method can actually make it dry and frizzy. Natural air will keep the waves intact and didn’t bring frizz after wash.

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