How Much Do You Know About a Medical Wig?

How Much Do You Know About a Medical Wig?

For various reasons, most women lose some or all of their hair at some point. Some people may experience it due to temporary, specific medical disorders like alopecia or chemotherapy. Other women might experience it genetically, over time, and permanently.

At New Times Hair, they help people with mild to severe medically-related hair loss, like that caused by chemotherapy, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, and other hair conditions, with care.

All their medical wigs for alopecia and other human hair wigs at New Times Hair are made of human hair. Their 100% medical-grade non-surgical hair restoration options and natural human hair wigs combine technology, art, personal care, and attention to detail in a caring and pleasant setting.

Their medical-grade wigs (or simply medical wigs) differ from the fashion wigs you can find online or in the mall. They are made just for you and carefully matched to your hair’s color, texture, wave, and style. Your wig or hair extensions are then cut and styled perfectly to shine and flow beautifully, just like your natural hair.

Their medicinal treatments for hair loss are essentially imperceptible to sight and touch. You cannot identify where your newly added hair starts or stops when you run your fingers through your hair.

They only make 100% natural human hair wigs for women with alopecia and other hair loss caused by medicine or genetic issues.

Their staff and stylists are skilled and knowledgeable. Through the latest technology, they can help you get your hair back in the color, length, and style you want.

Hair Prosthesis for Hair Loss

Suppose you are thinking about getting a hair prosthesis. In that case, you should anticipate losing all of your hair once your chemotherapy treatment starts. By doing this, you can be sure that your custom human hair wig, medical wig, or hair prosthesis gets made for your needs and will be available. This will benefit you greatly.

Your first medical wig or hair prosthesis should be as close to your natural hair as possible. (Keep your choice of color, length, thickness, and style conservative.) If chemotherapy makes you lose your hair, you shouldn’t use weaves, hair extensions.

BeeWigs - T22/9 20″ Medical Wig Wigs for Medical Hair Loss

Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)

Many people get anxious quickly. But people pulling their hair out all the time could have severe emotional and physical effects. According to psychiatrists, four million Americans suffer from trichotillomania (trick-o-till-o-main-ee-a).

A qualified specialist will assist you in determining the best course of action if hair replacement is something you want to think about:

  • Custom integration
  • Hair additions
  • Full wigs
  • Custom Hair Prosthesis


What’s the best hair loss solution? Where can you find a medical wig that’s perfect for you? Why think about the hair you’ve lost when you can think about the hair you can have?

At New Times Hair, they would encourage you to become an educated wearer. They invite you to contact them with any questions you may have. An experienced professional will happily answer all your hair loss questions entirely and accurately.

Contact them at for a free consultation, or look at their collection of medical wigs and other human hair wigs for thinning hair.


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