How to Wish Christmas to Someone?

How to Wish Christmas to Someone?

There’s always a moment when you want to wish something to someone. But sometimes, you don’t know what the best way is to do that. This article will tell you about the best ways to wish someone a happy Christmas, and how you can do your part.

1. Call Them

It’s the classic way to wish someone a happy Christmas. You’re going to call them, and you’re going to say that you’re wishing him/her a very happy Christmas. I don’t like this method because it doesn’t have a personal appeal and calling someone seems so general.

2. Send Them A Card

It’s kind of like general calling in the sense that it is more because of culture, and not because of particular interest in what the person wants. I can only see Christmas cards as a kind of polite method to wish Christmas.

3. Send Them An Email/Text Message

Now this is something special. You’re saying something very personal in your own way, and it is much more authentic than the previous two examples. You’re going to tell them what you really want and ask them if they’re getting what they wanted. Don’t forget to end with “merry Christmas” and that’s all.

4. Cook Them Their Favorite Cuisine

This is the best way to show your love and care for your friend, especially when you know he/she doesn’t like a particular food. You can even post a picture of your cooking on Facebook, twitter or Instagram and tell them you cooked it just for them because you love them so much.

5. Pay Them A Visit

No matter where they are, you can always go visit them. Not only you will be able to wish them a merry Christmas when you see them, but also you can actually help them enjoy the holidays more. This is the best way to have someone say “thank you”.

6. Welcome Them In Your Home

What’s better than having your friend come over at your house? To welcome someone in your home during Christmas is one of the most beautiful things that a person could ever wish for. It’s something unique, warm and cozy that only your friend can love.

7. Give Them A Small Gift

If you’re having a budget on presents, then you should consider giving a small present to your friend. And the best thing about it is that it won’t cost any extra money, but you will gain in the memory of giving someone a small Christmas gift that they just appreciate. It will also make them feel special and loved, which is always nice.

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