How to Write Cool Email Signatures?

With email signatures, you could turn your daily emails into a robust marketing tool. Do you have an idea of the number of emails that go out from your organization every day?

Every professional sends emails to the clients, stakeholders, business partners, vendors all day long. If attention-drawing, cool email signatures are included in these emails, it would promote the business and encourage customer engagement as a part of the marketing effort.

Before we look into different ways to write a great email signature, here is something you should know. 

When your signature is unclear or less informative, people will find it hard to identify you. 

Hence, having a clear and crisp signature is essential and can be leveraged for marketing purposes too.

Otherwise, the recipients would perform a reverse email lookup to know about the sender. 

The reverse email lookup concept is different from email lookup, where you find the email addresses of your targeted person using email search tools like

Now that you understand the importance of an email signature let us write cool email signatures.

Add Fun Elements

Branding includes everything right from your logo, fonts, colors, icon style. It’s essential to stick with the guidelines to be professional. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include fun elements in your email signature. 

When your email signature looks fantastic, full of life, it gives the recipient a good feel. If the message relates to them, they will be bound to your brand.

Color Speaks Emotions

Colors ensure to get you noticed. And that’s what makes different industries use colors to convey their message and draw people’s attention. 

When you include colors in the signature, it dolls up your black and white email. Some of the brands use a bright pop-up color that brings life to what they do.

Use an Avatar

You can even use a caricature image of yours or your team in the signature. 

When this is included in the signature, it adds depth to your signature. It is again something that your recipient would appreciate and remember.

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Ask for Feedback

It is always important to know what your prospects feel about you?

And when you ask for their feedback about your product or service, it raises your reputation and credibility among your prospects, and they would appreciate your willingness to be genuine about where you are lagging and improvising the system.

Believe it or not, your email signature is an ideal place to ask for feedback. 

But, how to ask for feedback?

That’s pretty simple. 

You may place a customer thermometer survey to your professional signature; This allows your prospects to express their opinion right away.

Use Social Media Icons

You will be active on social media platforms. It’s recommended to include social media icons with hyperlinks in your email signature. 

By doing so, you help your recipients by offering a chance to know more about your brand and a way to stay connected and keep up to date on your brand activities. 

This will also increase the social engagement with potential audiences.

Use Your Photo

Adding your photo will personalize your email to some extent, if not great.

This will also strengthen your client relationship. This works well, primarily when you and your recipient communicate remotely and never meet them in person.

With your photo, they will be able to remember you well. And you will no longer be a stranger to them.

Flaunt Your Achievement

If you have made an achievement or crossed an achievement, then you need to mention it.

You can feature the awards your brand received in the signature section.

This will not sound like boasting, and instead, it will help your prospects know that you are an established player in your niche. 

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to promote your brand or product in innovative ways, you need to find different ways to do it. And if you have a great marketing mind, you can market without even sounding like one. 

Email signatures are one such best place to do this.

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