Leila Janah – The Woman Who Wanted To Save People and End Poverty

Leila Janah – The Woman Who Wanted To Save People and End Poverty

If you can personally see how people from different parts of the world are suffering, then you can say that you would love to help them in any way. Without a comfortable house, you live on the streets and when there is no food, they beg or even learn to steal since nobody wants to employ them.  When these poor people are sick, they can’t buy medicine, see a doctor, or go to a hospital because they don’t have a single cent in their pockets, and not all government agencies help, though they are lucky when private organizations have medical missions.

Poverty does not end there because as years pass by, the poor become poorer and the rich become richer, though there is a woman named, Leila Janah who is not just a wealthy entrepreneur but a person who has a heart for the needy. She was so blessed and raised well with a pure heart that’s why she knows how to share her blessings and if she did not die early, people from all over the world will be thankful and continue to receive help. Now that she’s gone, Leila Janah will be remembered and remain in the hearts of the poor and those who know her.

When we came to this world, we cannot choose how, when, or where we should be born because God has already planned for us and our fate. Pretty sure that you can hear the news or watch what was going on around the world, so you know that a lot of people are starving, getting sick, looking for jobs, and asking for help. These are all parts of the news every day and as a human being, I know that you have a heart, so let’s follow the footsteps of Leila Janah, and let’s not count blessings, instead let’s share them.

Leila Janah - The Woman Who Wanted To Save People and End Poverty

What Inspired her to end Poverty?

When they were young, his father always lectures Leila and his brother about not wasting food on their plate, because many children are starving in India – learn from https://swagoz.com//blogs/blog/teaching-your-children-the-importance-of-not-wasting-food on why this should be taught to children today. This only shows that she was raised with good parents and she was a good child, too.

She has seen schools with no advanced placement courses for the playing field and that gave her a thought that this needs leveling. She likes marathons and when you run, the ground must be leveled for better running experience so such situations and his father’s words, softened her heart.

She taught that being poor means a person is not capable to work maybe because of lacking skills as well as education. But after teaching in a poor country, she has seen that these students are capable because they are intelligent and if given the opportunity to work, then they may even excel in it. She was an inspiration and a role model but these people inspired her as well.


Leila founded Samasource, funded it with the money she saved when working in the private sector and through the sponsors who were also from the company where she worked. This is a non-profit organization that aims at connecting individuals who are suffering from poverty and to offer them opportunities in digital-related jobs. If you are one of those blessed individuals who had the chance to meet this lady, then you must be lucky.

Her aim to reduce poverty is remarkable. For example, you are earning $2 a day which is too small for your daily meals but when Samasource came, you started earning $8 every day. I know that for other regular employees this is still nothing but for the poor and the needy, this amount is already big and they exerted effort on it, so it is a big money for them.

Many people are thankful because there is a Samasource that encourages everybody to not lose hope that’s why she never stopped believing in their skills and capabilities. Leila Janah may have passed away already, but she left these families and communities a reason to fight poverty – go here to read further. Samarasource will continue outsourcing technology or to carry out the mission and bring digital-related jobs to folks who are counting on this.


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