Lip Tattoo – Things That You Should Know About

Lip Tattoo – Things That You Should Know About

A lot of people seem to be rather fascinated with the idea of temporarily or permanently tattooing their lips. Lip tattoo aftercare is extremely important, as the lips are inside the mouth and very delicate.

Although the concept of makeup may appear scary to many, the advancements in technology and technique is one of the prime reasons why lip tattooing is fast surging in popularity.

So, What Gives?

Here in this post, we will try and explain the key things which you ought to know if you’re thinking about going for it yourself!

Let’s Start With Some Quick Facts about Lip Tattooing

  • Lip tattoos are performed either on the outside of your lips or inside. If you want, permanent tattoo makeup may also be done on your lip surface
  • Most times, lip tattoos tend to fade away far quicker than other body parts. And while you may require a tough-up frequently, these tip tattoos will last for several years
  • Since your mouth is already a very sensitive place to be inked, the whole experience can be somewhat discomforting and painful. Ask the artist to make use of Numb spray for tattoos and other products like Tattoo Ointments.
  • That said, by associating with a reputed tattoo artist having prior knowledge about such tasks, they most certainly can reduce the associated complications.
  • Moreover, infections are more common here, especially as it is a lot harder to keep them clean

Explaining Lip Tattoos?

To Simply Put – a lip tattoo refers to a professional procedure that involves in the insertion of colour pigments using tiny tattoo needles either inside or outside of the lips.

The result comes off as a form of tattoo art, either as a temporary or permanent makeup. The process is often referred to as cosmetic tattooing. As already stated above, this treatment can be somewhat painful when done on the lips and can be prone to infections if you don’t keep them clean.

That’s why being clear on all its facts prior to taking the treatment is always worth your time and effort!

It’s Benefits?

Other than having a lip colour that won’t smudge or fade regardless of how many cocktails or coffees you slurp down, this technique helps define the shape of the lips. Based on your chosen lip tattooing technique, the lips’ shape can even appear a tad larger!

The advanced techniques used in this treatment can also rectify the shape of the lips and make them appear more symmetrical and balanced. Furthermore, the edge of the lips also aids in minimizing the fine line appearances and presents you with a youthful and fresh appearance.

All this perhaps does explain why so many are going ga-ga over it for quite some time!

What Is the Associated Cost of Lip Tattooing?

Typically speaking, the cost of lip tattooing depends on the complexity of the chosen art, the size of the art, the fillings, and the colour for the tattoo. Moreover, the price of service providers will obviously vary depending on the field experience and quality of inks and tools at their disposal.

Still, if one were to come up with a medium price range, it would be somewhere in-between $500 – $1000 (probably covering the entirely of the lip)

However, if you opt for a smaller-sized tattoo (be it on the inside and on the outside of the lip), then it may cost a little less than $50.

Who Are Suited To Lip Tattooing?

The process of lip tattooing is suited for people of all lifestyles and ages. Be it an 18-year-old who prefers a delicate lip colour or an older individual who tends to loose pigments in their lip area as they continue to grow old.

So, whatever be the issue, this concern will be properly seeded out by trusted expert’s consultation. That said, for clients requesting excessive lip colour fillers, the process can be discomforting for them. Use of Tattoo Aftercare cream and Tattoo Sunscreen is always suggested to get better results.

How Much Is Pain Expected From This Process?

There are many who pose questions concerning the expected pain from this process. Well, truth be told, it’s nothing alarming or unmanageable. Yes, there will be some discomfort during the process simply due to the fact the lips are delicate and pain-sensitive organs. But is tattoo ointment really necessary?

If you choose to go with it, then there will be a scratchy sensation that will be felt. But, it won’t be any aggressive or painful to conventional inking procedures.

In the majority of instances, the tattooing expert will apply a soothing and pain-numbing cream to mitigate any discomfort. Plus, you have to stay calm and relaxed during the procedure to ensure everything is carried out properly and painlessly! Learn how often should I moisturize my tattoo.

Potential Risks/Side Effects

Potential risks and side effects will always remain- even if you get it done through experienced tattoo artists. And even though these below-mentioned risks may not be seen in your case, but they most certainly arise in others from time to time.

So it’s best to know about them and stay informed!

  • Swelling due to micro-injuries caused by the small tattoo needles
  • Infection (post tattooing) due to exposure of food, drinks, and even saliva
  • Scarring and allergic reactions occurring post tattooing
  • Anaphylaxis or swelling around the cheeks and neck post tattooing resulting in breathing difficulties
  • Bloor borne disease resulting due to the use of non-sterilized tattooing needles leading to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and even HIV

Sounds scary! Doesn’t it? Well, it should, except for the fact that only 0.02% of cases end up being severe!

So, as long as you get it done via a trustworthy tattooing expert having advanced tools, and you follow the below-mentioned post-tattooing care tips, you will be fine!

  • Apply the provided or prescribed healing balm at least 2-3 times in a day till the tattooed area is properly healed
  • Avoid putting on lipstick over the tattooed area till it heals completely. This way, you can avoid any further infections from occurring
  • Skip going to the gym or soaking up the sun for too long
  • Avoid eating spicy food, instant ramen, or any of such sorts
  • Also, avoid snogging as the other person’s saliva might, unfortunately, cause infections

Final Verdict!

For the final time, lip tattoos are always a risky endeavour. They are trickier than inking any other body part. It is why you should invest time and effort in finding out a trustworthy tattoo artist with lots of prior experience to do it for you.

Also, if you do come across any post-tattooing issues or infections, then don’t procrastinate in visiting your nearest doctor. They will suggest you some effective care tips to resolve the issue before it takes the shape of something nasty!


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