Parts of a Bra: Explore The Bra Anatomy

Parts of a Bra: Explore The Bra Anatomy

It is inconvenient to purchase lingerie from a random store, unsure of whether it is made of a good fabric, and suitable for your body. For any woman, her lingerie is an essential garment and needs to be purchased from a reliable brand or platform. You have to run several checks and determine the brand and platform before you purchase their product.

Simultaneously, you need to invest in a bra that can lift your busts, and provide sufficient support without stressing your shoulders with the burden of your breasts. On the contrary, it should help improve your posture, and reduce shoulder and back pain.

Along with physical support, modern bras are designed to add a style statement to your appearance. Good quality bras prevent nipple visibility, flaunt your silhouette, and change your overall appearance.

For instance, when you buy bra for women online like a plunge bra, it lets you to flaunt the deep neckline of the dress with grace and without corrupting your demeanor. Moreover, it shapes and lifts your bust to give it a natural form.

It is wiser to know your lingerie which means you should be aware of the structure of your bra. We have mentioned a few fundamentals that you should know about bra structure while purchasing them to make your task easier.


These are the most essential parts of a bra as they capture each of your busts and hold them firmly throughout the day. These cups are designed to offer your breasts the required support, ease, coverage, lift, and retain their shape.

The best way to check whether the cup size of your bra is correct, you ensure that the cups can hold your bust appropriately. In case, you notice that the cups cannot hold the breast, there are gaps or spillage, then you need to change your bra size. The right bra cup size can maintain your breast shape.

Bra Band:

Have you ever noticed the band that runs alond the bottom of your cups? This band is known as the bra band that sits parallel to the ground and should not be extremely loose or tight. A little known fact is that the bra band is responsible for providing the maximum support for your bra!

Make sure that the band fits well around your ribcage below your bust snugly. It should not ride up when you raise your hands or bend. You can slide two fingers inside the band to confirm that the bra band fits you perfectly.


Your straps are yet another source of support that holds your bust in place without compromising on your posture and apparel.

It is, therefore, important to check whether your bra straps provide you with this kind of ease. At Wacoal lingerie, we have a wide range of bras with exceptional bra straps that are comfortable and provide the support you deserve.

In case, you notice that your straps are slipping off your shoulders or are digging into your skin,  you need to try a different bra style or find another brand.


Today, you get a wide option of bras from wireless to underwire bras. The underwire is a semi-circular and thin wire that is sewn under the cups at the base. This wire is designed to shape and support your bust.

When you pick an underwire bra it is important to check that the underwire sits flat against the ribcage without hurting or developing a rash on your skin. Rather, it should fit within the curve of your bust naturally.

Hook and Eye Closure:

The back closure of your bra is one of paramount significance as it allows you to alter the bra based on your comfort. It secures your bra and the body together.

Initially, you can fasten the hook to the loosest clip and as the bra starts to get old you can switch hooks for a tighter fit as per your comfort.


This is the triangle part that connects both the cups of your bra and should remain flat at the center against the chest. The gore should not dig your skin or scrap it, infact it should provide the right amount of support.

It is important to check your bra’s size and fit regularly to monitor breast health. At any given point, if you notice unwanted red marks, discomfort, or inadequate support, it is time to visit the online bra calculator and confirm your bra size.

Women tend to gain or lose weight naturally, due to pregnancy, or workout endeavors. Hence, remember to determine your bra size frequently.

Wacoal Lingerie Collection For Women

Visual Effects Wired Non-Padded Minimizer Bra: This is a full-coverage bra with an elegant design that reduces your bustline by 1 inch to give you a classy lift, support, and shape. The cups are designed in chantilly lace, and sheer mesh, with a band that gives ample support to your bust. This everyday bra comes with completely adjustable straps to wear underneath your Western apparel.

Ecozen Non-Wired Padded T-Shirt Bra: This is a 3/4th cup bra with marshmallow cups that gives you a smooth feel on your skin. This is an everyday bra designed with laminated fabric, back closure, and level 1 push-up padding. You can pair this bra with a matching panty to enhance your overall look. The plunge neckline is suitable for dresses, tops, and blouses with low necklines.

You now can pick the right bra for your body as you have ample knowledge about what suits your figure. You can visit the Wacoal lingerie website to get a better idea of different kinds of bra styles, fabric options, and matches that you can pick for your size. The website is easy to use and get it ordered at your doorstep.


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