Spring Cleaning Tips for Young Homeowners

Spring Cleaning Tips for Young Homeowners

Spring Cleaning or junk removal means thorough cleaning of a house or room, especially comes under spring season. The Spring Cleaning is originated from Iranian Nowruz, the Persian New Year, which generally begins from the first day of spring.

The Young Homeowners are the ones who mainly focus on cleaning tricks which can save their time and there house can be cleaned as easily as possible. Let’s here discuss the easy tips which are very beneficial for young homeowners:-

Doormats Cleansing

Your doormats are something which reflects the way you are keeping your house, it also make us understand the sincerity and discipline towards the house cleansing. With doormats cleansing, the outsiders can also estimate that the insiders prefer to maintain clean and hygienic surrounding all around.

Windows and Doors Cleansing

When we think about cleaning we should always focus on doors and windows, white vinegar is a green cleaning product that can help us to have a smudge free glass. For cleansing out the white vinegar we can simply use the microfiber cloth rather than the power towel to clearly wipe out the vinegar water and strains on windows and doors. If the fragrance of vinegar turns out to be strong on window, then we can use the lemon to the spray bottle to minimize its fragrance. With this procedure, lemon will keep the home environment fresh, healthy and hygienic

Curtains and Pillows Cleansing

Curtains and Pillows and Pillow Covers are the household stuff which comes under counting rarely but are firstly highlighted and considered when we count on home cleaning items. The slight strains on curtains and pillows covers left the ugly spot on and create an untidy atmosphere around. For the effective cleansing we should put on the curtains and pillow in the dryer and after few minutes hang them properly. Remember to place a scented dryer bed sheet to make the smell great.

Ceiling Fan and Blades Cleansing

This task in generally handle by vacuum cleaner but if the task remains unsatisfactory then we can help it with pillowcase to get the job done and can send the later for cleansing again. For this activity, we should place our hands tightly on both sides of the blade and place the pillowcase slowly along with the length of the blade, by doing so all the dust will be collected in one single pillowcase accordingly.


Home Electronic Items Cleansing

The dust captured on speaker’s bar, TV screens, washing machines, ovens and other stereo systems all symbolize the dusty and filthy air surrounding with unbearable fragrance. While the dust is all placed, gather it and lint it with same microfiber cloth and run it over all the electronic items altogether. That will come as a fastest and easy way to make it look new again, without damaging the appliances.

Furniture Polishing

We do not need to bought expensive items for making our wood furniture’s clean and shiny; we may clean it with the same old household trick of mixing lemon and white vinegar and can maintain its shine effectively. With furniture polishing we can easily décor its interiors and can set a standard for the house.

Maintain a Pleasing Fragrance in Garbage Disposal

If the garage remains unpleasing and smelly in the kitchen and other corners of the house, it may spoil the moisture of hygienic environment. Try store only the waste and garbage which creates less stingy smell, if the waste is extraordinary stale then put some lemon or other citric acid for fresh scent so that it can cut through the grimes of the disposal’s blades. What all is required to do is to cut several lemons in half and run the sections through garbage disposal at a time, we can repeat this activity frequently or when needed to main the healthy and positive scent in the house.

Use of Baking Soda, White Vinegar and Lemons to clean major Appliances

The kitchen appliances and floor is something which met with hard strains on a daily basis, they require special cleaning efforts. There are always some spaces or a corner which remains unclean or sometimes unnoticed that bring the hard and dirty strains on the surface. With use of baking soda or white vinegar these hard strains are so pretty comfortable to remove. Once the hard strains are gone, the use of lemon or other citric acid can help to maintain a fresh scent preventing the harsh spots and its effects on the floor.

Vinegar is a kind of mild acid, which makes it a great multi-purpose cleaner for overall house stuff. Vinegar, baking soda or lemon is used to for removing stains, unclogging drains and deodorizing the strains. Hence, these are some healthy spring cleansing tips for every young homemaker.


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