Throw On And Go Wigs Vs Headband Wigs

Throw On And Go Wigs Vs Headband Wigs


There are many types of wigs. When you need to buy a wig, you may start to think about this question: what kind of wig is worth it? If I were you, I would choose to buy Throw on and go wigs or headband wigs. Actually, these two wigs are suitable for both wig novice and experienced wig users. Because they are so convenient and practical. What? Haven’t you heard of these two wigs? Then please read on, I will give you enough introduction and comparison.

What Is Throw On And Go Wigs?

Throw on and go wigs is a wig for beginners defined and developed by Luvmehair. The biggest charm of this wig is its simple installation steps. If you are someone who hates complicated installation process and is usually very busy, then you will love this wig.

What Is Headband Wigs

Headband wigs are one of the more popular sports wigs on the market. Its most obvious feature is an elastic headband sewn together. The headband wig is kept stable during athletic activities by means of the elastic headband and small clips inside the cap. Therefore, many people who love sports will buy a headband wig as a backup wig.

Common Features Of Throw On And Go Wigs And Headband Wigs

Throw on and go wigs and headband wigs share some advantages. For example: :

They Are All Glue-Free Wigs

Throw on and go wigs and headband wigs are glueless wigs. That said, you don’t need to use any glue to assist when you’re installing them. This greatly reduces the difficulty of wig installation, so that newbies can also complete the installation independently. In addition, this is also a very attractive advantage for people who hate the smell of glue and are allergic to glue.

They All Install Quickly

Neither Throw on and go wigs nor headband wigs contain a lace part. That said, you don’t need to use scissors to trim lace. Of course, you don’t have to pre-pluck them either. By the way, both wigs have a similar simple structure, so they are both very easy to install. If you have mastered the installation skills of headband wig, then you can easily complete the installation of throw on and go wigs. Generally speaking, it takes no more than ten minutes to install these two wigs. If you’re more familiar with wigs, you can even install them in ten seconds.

They Are All Cheaper Than Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are very expensive. Generally speaking, lace wigs are more suitable for people who are familiar with wigs and have experience in using wigs. If you’re new to it, buying a headband wig and throw on and go wig might be a better option. Because they are very cheap.

The Difference Between Throw On And Go Wigs And Headband Wigs

Human Hair Headband Wig?! Worth the Coin?? 🤔MyFirstWigTheHeartsandCake90 - YouTube

Throw On And Go Wigs Are Designed Exclusively By Luvme

Headband wig is a classic wig, so many wig merchants will sell headband wig. But Throw on and go wigs is an exclusive design of Luvmehair. Therefore, only Luvmehair is selling throw on and go wigs at present.

Throw On And Go Wigs Are Only Available In Short Curly Styles

The wigs of the Throw on and go wigs series are currently only available for curly hair. Relatively speaking, headband wigs that have been in development for a long time have more styles and colors to choose from. Headband wigs have curly hair, for example, water wave hair headband wig. headband wigs also have straight hair, such as bone straight headband wig

Throw On And Go Wigs And Headband Wigs Modify The Hairline Differently

All the styles from the Throw on and go wigs collection have beautiful bangs. Beautiful bangs not only cover your hairline, but also complement your facial features and face shape well. In contrast, headband wigs block the hairline through the hairband.

Throw On And Go Wig Fit For Daily Life

Throw on and go wig is more suitable for use in everyday life. You can wear it to go shopping or go to work. If you need to hit the playground, headband wigs with a sporty feel are better for you. Therefore, you need to choose different wigs according to the occasion of use.


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