Turn Your Favourite Sunglasses To Prescription Glasses

Wearing your regular everyday spectacles can get boring. Wearing contacts all the time can also be a little irritating especially on days when the weather gets sunny. Wearing the traditional non-prescription glasses on a sunny day can affect your vision. For a proper and clear vision on a sunny day you can go for prescription sunglasses. With the advancement in the field of optics, you can now turn your favourite sunglasses to prescription sunglasses easily. In this way you can easily wear your favourite sunglasses while keeping your vision clear. At the same time you can escape wearing the old boring spectacles and irritating contacts as well. The following article shall answer the questions arising in your mind regarding turning your sunglasses to prescription glasses.

Can All The Sunglasses Be Turned To Prescription Sunglasses?

Did you see a pair of sunglasses that you are eager to use as your prescription sunglasses? Well the good news for you is that you can turn any sunglasses to your regular prescription sunglasses. Just select any standard shaped sunglasses and ask the brand to turn them to prescription sunglasses. Then provide them with the information regarding your lens number and other required aspects. They’ll let you know how long it will take.

Does The Shape Matter?

The shape doesn’t really matter. You can select any standard shape and let the brand know. But your prescription number does matter. If you have a bigger prescription number then try selecting a frame that has a thicker boundary. In this way the glass can fit in it perfectly well. On the other hand, with a smaller prescription number, feel free to go with any frame.

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Which Sunglasses Can’t Be Used As Prescription Sunglasses?

Though most of the sunglasses can easily be turned to prescription sunglasses but two shapes are hard to turn to prescription sunglasses. Many brands do not turn these shapes to prescription sunglasses. These include the Wrap-around sunglasses and the oddly shaped sunglasses. Though some brands do offer special technology that can turn them into prescription sunglasses as well. Oddly shaped sunglasses having two differently-sized lenses can not be turned into your prescription sunglasses due to the fact that they do not offer proper vision because of the difference in size. Wrap around sunglasses can cause  the fishbowl distortion effect so it gets hard to get proper vision from them as well.

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