5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

Picking a wedding ring can be extremely difficult. The prices of a ring can be expensive at times and you must pick the right one for your other half.  Here are five tips that can help you buy the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Set a Budget to Limit your Choices

Having a budget is a great way to limit down your options early on. If you do not have a budget then you could be looking for a very long time. For example, aim for buying an engagement ring between £1000 – £2000 to limit your options.

Now, if you see an engagement ring that you like that is just over your budget then get it. You know your partner better than most people due to the amount of time you spend with them. If you wish for your ring to get engraved then consider it as well with your budget. The price of the engraving is usually down to the number of characters there are in your engraving.

Narrow Down the Material of your Ring

This is another simple way to limit down your choices but do not pick what is most suited for you. Looking at the current jewellery that your partner already has is a good way to find out. For example, your partner likes vintage jewellery then look at something along those lines.

There are plenty of materials out there so it is all down to taste and personal preference. Find out what your partner prefers and then decide which material for their engagement ring would be best.

Start your Quest Early

Searching for engagement rings can be difficult so give yourself plenty of time and do not rush it. If you want to pop the question on a specific date then you should start looking three to six months before.

You need plenty of time because you are going to have plenty of options to choose from. Even after you have limited them down. You will still have many options to choose from so give yourself plenty of time.

Consider Their lifestyle

What they do in their day to day life will help you limit down the options as well. The material and the size of the ring need to be convenient for what they do for their job and hobbies. They will take it off sometimes but the majority of the time they will be wearing it.

If they have a physical job then they will want a durable material that is quite small like a platinum ring. Same thing if they do any physical activities like a sport. However, if they work in an office and they do not have to do anything physically demanding then they can go for bigger diamond or gold rings.

To Conclude

Basically, all you need to do is give yourself plenty of time. Do a private investigation of what they prefer by checking their jewellery draw or asking their friends. You never know, they might like emerald rings but just never got round to getting one. Good luck with your search!


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