Best 5 sunglasses for men and women with bumper warranty

Best 5 sunglasses for men and women with bumper warranty

If you are trying to buy new sunglasses, then this guide will be a great help for you. Buying sunglasses indeed is a time-taking affair with many things to consider and it also may be confusing for first-time buyers or customers. Though there are numerous varieties to buy from yet it is the design and frame shapes that impress the most.

Customers can also become confused with gender and warranty. Most companies or manufacturers will provide 1-year of warranty and a warranty is available on only manufacturing defects. If you break your sunglass, then the warranty will be considered null and void.

Then there are other things that you must consider to get the most stylish and striking sunglasses. Did you determine the right pair of glasses as per your gender? Did you determine your face shape that would fit any particular glass? These two questions are important to find out before splashing money on your new pair of sunglasses. But don’t worry as this blog will answer your questions and provide relevant details as a guide.

Determining the Right Gender –

Generally, most feminine glasses are highly different from their male counterparts. Women’s sunglasses carry distinctive features like butterfly or wayfarer frames and may offer a wide range of decorations on them. They may also feature bright colours with floral designs that enhance women’s beauty.

It is also universal that most manufacturers like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Versace offer unisex style sunglasses to fit both genders. But some customers are randomly preferring more affordable brands like Arise and SmartBuy Collection that are available with a 2-year warranty and AfterPay instalment service.

But, whatever you choose after determining the right gender is the right face shape to suitably fit any sunglass. This is also a complex part but SmartBuy Glasses offer you unique technology like the Virtual Try-On tool to ease your selection process.

Determining the Right Face Shape –

There is a wide range of sunglasses with frame shapes. Aviators are the most commonly used sunglasses but customers may also like other unique designs like wayfarer or butterfly as per their face shape.

To make the journey simpler, you can use the Virtual Try-On technology to find suitable pair of sunglasses. You can also use a measuring tape or scale to find the face length and find out the right sunglasses. To measure face length, you must get exact jawline and face width measurements.

You can also refer to the table below to find the right pair of sunglasses that would suit your face, giving a dashing feature.

Face Shape Suitable Sunglass Frames
Round Face Rectangle, Square, or Wrapped/Shielded Sunglasses
Square Face Aviators or Butterfly
Oval Face It matches all kind of shapes or frames
Rectangular Face Wayfarer, Rectangle, Square, or Wrapped/Shielded Sunglasses
Diamond Face Oval or Wrapped/Shielded


Top 5 Sunglasses For Men and Women with a Bumper 2-Year Warranty

  • Arise Collective X WWF ReefCycle Polarized: Vision Direct and WWF Australia have joined hands for a massive recycling drive to save marine wildlife from choking on fishing gill nets. The Arise Collective model has caught global attention as it is recycled from fishing nets with cutting-edge technology for saving vital marine life.
  • Ray-Ban RB2027 Predator 2 W1847: With a wide range of colours to suit both men and women, the Ray-Ban Predator collection is available with clean crystal lenses, which are designed and manufactured by Luxottica with a wraparound frame shape.
  • Gucci GG0022S 001: Although expensive, but women can’t stay away from square-framed Gucci models. With Nylon lenses and acetate frames, they offer ultra-lightweight features with stunning designs for women.
  • Versace VE2140 100287: With a category-3 UV protection system, this Versace model offers stylish shade for men, which is also designed and manufactured by Luxottica.
  • SmartBuy Collection Jaxson Polarized ST18109 C3L: Don’t miss out on the highly affordable class sunglass that is providing category-3 UV protection with hypoallergenic and lightweight acetate frames.


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