Artificial Vertical Garden Walls Are Back In Trend

Artificial Vertical Garden Walls Are Back In Trend

Artificial green vertical wall gardening is more accepted now. It is the newest incarnation from history, where creeper plants were used on the walls across various cultures to give the aesthetic feel. It brings in the trendy look with beauty to the eyes. And the benefits of the green walls are many.  It could be used both at office and home for creating an instant decoration to any dull wall.

Gives A Realistic Decor

The realistic-looking artificial plants can be used as the vertical decorative that specially designed. The time and energy spent on maintaining the look of the décor are not there as the foliages do not dry at any time. It can be used for instantaneous decorative by installing within no time as compared to the real plant. You would not have to wait for weeks for the plants to begin flourishing at the new space.

Various sized panels are available that suit every requirement. It can be used at the door entryway, beside the shop door, inside the room, basement or the living room to add the instant green lively look.

Cost And Maintenance

The cost of the artificial green wall is extremely lower than having real plant vertical gardening. Additionally, there are no costs of maintenance in dealing with the artificial plants and you don’t have to water it. It can be placed in any space – even near UV light as it will not get damaged.  It saves time and money. Moreover, it does not spoil the walls, floor or ceiling caused due to water leakage.

Reduce Excess Noise

If you want to cut the excess noise from distracting at your office buildings, where you could have a peaceful meeting with your clients and customers, artificial plants vertical gardening is a great solution. By incorporating the vertical garden you can effectively cut the noise pollution and create a quieter working environment. When you have the office in a larger city, you are more likely to hear the horns honking, squealing tires and other traffic sounds, which are disturbing for work peacefully. The greener the walls you install in your office building, the more noise it will absorb, giving you some peace of mind for you to work comfortably. Studies show that the sound created inside the office space such as the noise of the printer machine, the conversation can also be reduced drastically by using vertical gardening.

Vertical Garden

Saves Space

When you love the plants outdoor but have lesser space inside the room, a vertical wall garden is a solution. But when you use live plants, its regular watering is essential. And any leakage the irrigation system will lead to damage to the wall, roof and floor. The solution to this is using the vertical gardening décor using the artificial life-like plants that give the same effect as the plants with less or no maintenance and damage to the room.

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