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We have to start by saying that moving is one of the most stressful events in our lifetimes, which is why you should organize yourself beforehand. Of course, even if you’re going to a bigger house for a better job, you will still have to deal with last-minute issues that will come around.

You will have to handle numerous things before you enter the new home from signing the mortgage documents, transferring medical records, reduce the number of belongings, hiring a moving company that will bring your belongings to your new home.

In the best-case scenario, you will start on time and reduce the chances of significant stress that almost always comes with it. Before you check out Charlotte movers, you should know when to start with the overall process.

Let us start from the beginning:

Things You Should Do Before Moving

Moving Companies

Eight Weeks Before

The first thing that you should do is check all your belongings by opening every drawer and entering each room That way, you will be able to determine which things are indispensable and whether you should get rid of old belongings that you’re not using anymore.

The idea is to keep only things that you will use in the future, which is why we recommend you to reduce the number of belongings only to necessary stuff. You can conduct a garage sale or give it to charity. Whatever you decide, the less stuff means less hassle when it comes to moving.

It is essential to understand that the moving season starts in spring, and it lasts until the autumn. Therefore, you need to be proactive and find a professional company that operates in your area.

The selection process depends on your preferences, but we recommend you talk with your family and friends for referrals and recommendations. The idea is to make a shortlist of at least three companies, and start to check them out individually.

Remember that the moving company should have the US Department of Transportation license number as well as insurance, which will protect you against potential issues and frauds that are common in this particular industry.

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If you wish to move interstate, you should ask them whether they have a license for interstate moves. Finally, you should choose the company based on the estimation you will get.

Have in mind that estimations over phones are not conclusive and relevant, which is why movers have to check out your home and estimate everything in person.

Six Weeks Before

It is vital to contact your children’s school and tell them about your move. It is essential to do it because that way, you will be able to obtain the children’s records.

At the same time, we recommend you research new schools in the area where you’re moving and start with the transferring process.

The packing supplies are essential for proper preparation. Therefore, we recommend you find standard boxes in different sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap for additional protection, specialty containers, packing tape, and marker.

Another important consideration is that you should contact your doctor to inform him that your family is moving. Also, you should get all the medical records your family has so that you can bring them to your new primary care doctor.

Finally, you should contact insurance agents to see whether you should make necessary changes when it comes to vehicle, dental, medical, and personal insurance.

Four Weeks Before

It is time to start with the packing process. We recommend you start with the items that you occasionally use, including pool toys and other belongings. According to experts, it is much better to save the items you frequently use for the last thing to pack before moving.

Finally, it is time to label all boxes that you have based on the room contents for the new house. You have probably seen the interior of a new household, so you should already start imagining where to place the belongings.

Always label the boxes and write about the contents and the room you wish to place it afterward. However, avoid doing that for boxes that feature valuables to avoid problems that may happen.

While packing and labeling, you should make a list of your belongings. That way, you will be able to mark each one of them when you reach a new household. Group them based on the room where it belongs so that you can reduce the hassle that comes with it.

If you have pets, you should make proper arrangements. For instance, during the moving day, you can find a pet sitter. On the other hand, if you are moving out of town, you should make travel plans for your pets and make sure that you get the veterinarian records.

Two Weeks Before

Call the movers again to confirm the date you agreed upon beforehand. You also have to make sure that insurance will cover your belongings and valuables.

It would help if you emptied all your safe deposit boxes and other off-site storage areas. It is vital to do it before the moving day because the procedures may require a few days before clearing.

One Week Before

Finish with the process of packing, and ensure that you have a bag with the essential things you will need for a few days until you settle. We recommend you to add at least one change of clothes for everyone, as well as other basic stuff such as toilet paper, charger, and phones.

It would help if you also went to the pharmacy to purchase all prescriptions that you are consuming and tell them to transfer prescriptions to a new pharmacy in the area you are moving to.

Disconnect all large appliances, including dishwashers, washing machines, and fitness equipment. In case you do not know how to do it, we recommend you to find professional help. When it comes to gas lines, you need to find a proper technician to handle it beforehand.

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Final Verdict

By following this simple guide, you will be able to reduce the stress and handle the essential things before the moving day.

Therefore, when the moving day arrives, you will be able to rest assured, follow the plan, and enjoy all the way.

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