Baju Kurung Ideas for a Sundown Outing in Malaysia

Baju Kurung Ideas for a Sundown Outing in Malaysia

Causal sundown outings have become a thing now, and we all genuinely agree with that. Be it a casual date, a birthday party, a chilled-out meet with friends, family outings, and weekends full of such events. Although the unique aspect of these outings is to meet your loved ones and spend some time with them, another thing which excites all women is their look! 

 Clothes do form an integral part of any outing. When we go out, we spend at least some time deciding what we want to wear because each of us likes to look good and feel good, right? In Malaysia, Baju Kurung is considered to be the ideal outfit for women. 

A Brief About Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung is known to be an enclosed dress and is also a traditional costume of Malay. Baju Kurung is the national dress of Malaysia. This dress is loose fitted and is a full-length dress with two pieces – A skirt and a blouse. The dress’s blouse does not have any collar and comes with long sleeves that even extend to the length of the hips. 

Few Baju Kurung Outfit Ideas for Your Sundown Outing

1. Wear Sober Colours: 

Sundown is the time duration post afternoon and an early night. Hence, if you plan to wear a Baju Kurung for a sundown outing, make sure that you wear simple and sober colors. You can go for colors such as shades of light blue, light pink, nude color. Try and avoid dark and vibrant colors such as red, black, golden, neon, or glitter. Sober colors add to the overall grace of the outfit when you go for a causal sundown outing. You surely do not want to look extra and want everybody around you to stare at you.

2. Choose the Right Fabric: 

One of the essential factors to keep in mind, while choosing a Baju Kurung dress for your outing is the ‘Materia’. Fabric plays a crucial role. Generally, silk is a standard fabric that is used to make the dress. With silk, there can be various customizations that could be made. Have a thorough look at the fabric and only then boil it down to your choice. 

3. Keep it Simple but Chic:

 The current in today’s time is to look simple, yet elegant at the same time. Although there are not many customizations, you can do with your Baju Kurung dress, but you can still play along with the sleeves’ neck, which could transform the overall look of the outfit. For a sundown outing, the apt tip is to keep your outfit very chic, but keep it super sober. 

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