What Are No Crease Hair Ties?

What Are No Crease Hair Ties?

No crease hair ties are the best thing invented for women who love ponytails! If you’re tired of headaches, creases in your hair, or pulling your hair too tight, it’s time to join the trend.

No crease ties for your hair are a painless way to get your hair out of your way and do the things you need to do in a day.

So why are they so magical? Here are our favorite reasons.

They Don’t Leave a Crease

Have you ever put your hair in a ponytail only to take it down and have a lovely crease going through your hair?

It’s not pretty and it leaves you with only one choice – put your hair back up in the ponytail, unless you don’t mind walking around with a crease in your hair.

Creaseless hair ties slide in and out of your hair leaving no telltale signs they were ever there.

They Don’t Hurt your Head

Have you ever tied your ponytail so tight that it hurts your head? Regular hair ties make you feel like you have to pull your hair tight or they fall out. That loose feeling isn’t secure and it makes you constantly mess with your hair, but pulling tight hurts your head.

Creaseless hair ties don’t require you to pull them so tight that it hurts your head. They naturally hold your hair in place without slipping, making it easy to keep your ponytail in place without slipping.

They Don’t Break your Hair

Pulling your hair up in a ponytail or bun every day or multiple times a day can break your hair when you use regular hair ties. Using the hair ties in the same place all the time and pulling tight causes breakage and damaged hair.

No crease hair ties hold your hair tight like you need it without the damage. If you wear ponytails often, they are worth the investment.

They are Cute

Regular hair ties aren’t usually cute. They are just a rubber band that may come in black, brown, or white. 

If you want something cuter, the creaseless hair ties add a little ‘fun’ to your outfit. You’ll find them in a large variety of colors that add a pop of color to your ensemble. If you wear high ponytails or braids – they are a cute addition to your hairstyle.

They Double as Arm Candy

Arm candy is very trendy right now, but a typical hair tie usually doesn’t look the best with it. Creaseless hair ties have a different look – they almost look like a bracelet, so if you’re the type to wear hair ties on your wrist, they are a great addition.

Grab some in fun colors and you can have some fun with the ‘party on your arm.’

They Shrink Back to Their Size

Stretched out hair ties don’t do anyone any good. They leave you wrapping the tie around your hair so many times that you lose count or they just become useless. While they aren’t expensive, no one wants to keep throwing money at hair ties, right?

No crease hair ties easily shrink back to size. When you take them out of your hair, they usually go back down to the normal size. If they don’t, a few minutes under a warm hairdryer helps them shrink back down so when you use them you aren’t dealing with a loose ponytail.

Add Creaseless Hair Ties to your Wardrobe

If you haven’t tried creaseless hair ties yet, it’s time! You’ll love how they work, look, and how they take good care of your hair.

If you work hard on your hairstyle and the health of your hair, you owe it to yourself to use creaseless hair ties rather than regular rubber bands. You’re doing too much damage to your hair by using regular hair ties and you could be suffering needlessly from headaches or hair breakage.

Take control of your hair again and use creaseless hair ties to create the look you desire.


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