Double Collar Shirt

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With different model options among the collar models of Makrom shirts, it sells products for the needs of the users.

The indispensable option of special occasions, those who are looking for double collar shirt models, I would recommend you feast on Makrom’s website.

Shirt options in different colors and sizes help you find the style you are looking for.It is possible to use the classic models you prefer for formal occasions, by combining them with sporty side products, in every moment of your life.

Makrom is a very experienced company in men’s clothing.It is among the preferred brands with its variety in jackets, trousers, shirts, ties, suits and vests and the quality of its products.With its production line, employee volume and capacity, it responds to product needs in a short time with quality results.

Makrom, the men’s clothing brand preferred by intermediate wholesalers, has a high revenue share.It is possible to reach the end user at very affordable prices.Affordable and high-quality products are popular with users.

Two Button Collar - Shirt Collar StylesDeo Veritas

If you want to buy the products at the wholesale price, in the form of delivery to your address, you should visit the website and examine the products.

I buy the shirt models that I have used for years from my Makrom.

With their flexible and body-fitting structures that do not sweat, I can find the opportunity to buy shirts in different models that provide a perfect fit and feel very comfortable when I wear them.

I can combine different styles by combining collar options such as pointed collar, grooming collar or double collar shirt with models such as long sleeve, short sleeve, and half sleeve.


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