Chronograph Watch

A watch is not only a tool to keep time. About Vintage knows this and as a result, developed the beautiful 1844 chronograph watch. To the wearer, this is an extra piece of clothing that the wrists just can’t do without.

Listed are the features that make this the most unique timepiece that you can own.

Its dial

If you are a watch enthusiast, this is the most unique dial on a watch that you will ever see. The dial on the chronograph watch has a pearl white background. This makes it easy to check the time and will blend in well with any clothes on the wearer.

Set on this white background are steel knobs for the time and black clock hands. This helps bring out the elegant and classy look and design of the watch.


This watch comes with interchangeable straps. You can buy straps to change every day so that you can match it with your outfit of the day.

Most important is that these straps are made from pure Italian leather. They have an exquisitely designed pin buckle with which to fasten the watch onto your wrists.

All weather watch wear

This watch is designed to be worn at all times. It is a water proof watch that can be worn to the swimming pool or during a run in the rain. It has been tested under the stringiest of conditions to ascertain that water will not stop it from working.


This watch is beautifully presented and is a great gift to give. It comes in a custom-made box. The box is elegantly designed and polished to give it a hue effect that does not end. In addition, the box is also engraved with the company logo.

In addition to the box, this chronograph watch also comes with a stainless-steel case.

Chronograph Watch


The chronograph also comes in a good size that is not too large once worn or small. This enables the watch to blend in with the outfit and at the same time make a statement about its wearer.


If you are giving this watch as a gift, you can also have it engraved for free. Just provide the information that is to be engraved and this will be done at no extra cost on the buyer. You can etch the significance of the gift and that will never be forgotten.


This chronograph watch comes with a 2-year warranty against any defects. Even so, you can be sure that unless you are careless, it will be difficult for the watch to get any defects before the warranty is up. However, you can have it restored to its glory for free or at a lower cost if repairs are needed during the warranty period.


For the discerning and stylish watch lover, this watch is affordably priced. As a classic and elegant design, its price cannot be compared to other high-end brands of similar style and design.

The watch also comes with a free strap.

Where to buy

You can buy this watch from the online shop or walk into any of the About Vintage stores for a great shopping experience. All the stores are manned by knowledgeable watch lovers. They will not only make your shopping experience easy; they will also educate you on the watches in their shelves.

Chronograph Watch

Unique timepieces

Each of the chronograph watches manufactured are uniquely and individually designed. They come labeled with their own unique design. When you buy yours, you can be sure that there is not another watch like yours with someone else out there.

This is a personal timepiece that you can customize to your liking.


About Vintage was born out of the need to be creative and independent. This chronograph watch reflects a lot of thought and creativity in its design and make up. It is a beautiful watch to own and wear around your wrists.

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