How Often Should You Buy New Underwear?

How Often Should You Buy New Underwear?

Unfortunately, not even your favorite pair of underwear will last forever. The fabric wears down over time with use and wash, and worn down underwear can be very uncomfortable. All sorts of issues can arise, from holes to loss of elasticity. So how often exactly do you need to replace your underwear to make sure that you’re always feeling comfortable and confident?Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty Reality of Underwear Replacement

The exact time frame of when you should replace your underwear varies and is the subject of controversy in certain circles. Generally, it’s thought that you should replace your underwear every six to twelve months. This allows you to avoid holes and elasticity loss that old underwear can have, and makes sure that you’re always feeling super comfortable in your underwear. Of course, this estimate is assuming that you’re taking good care of your underwear and making sure to rotate underwear often enough. Too much wear and tear can result in having to replace your underwear more frequently, which no one wants. Replacing your boxers or briefs can be expensive so it’s good to be careful and make sure that you are properly caring for your underwear so they last longer and you can cut down on your underwear budget.

The Best Way to Care for Underwear to Extend Their Lifespan

If you’re looking to be as frugal as possible and save yourself from having to replace your underwear for longer, fortunately, it’s very possible to do so. It takes some work to make sure that you’re caring for them properly, but if you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your underwear the steps you have to take are definitely worth it. Firstly, you’ll never want to wash your underwear using a machine. Machines can tear the fabric and mess up the fit. If you’re looking to keep your underwear for as long as you can, this simply won’t do. Instead, you’ll want to wash them by hand. You can do this in your bathtub pretty easily. Just fill your bathtub up with whatever temperature water is good for the materials you’re working with along with some mild detergent. You’ll want to soak your underwear in the tub, pull them out to rinse, and repeat a few times. After this, you’ll want to air dry your underwear. Air drying your underwear is the best way to keep them looking for an extended period of time, and will also save you a bit on your electricity bill.

Why Any of This Matters

Replacing your underwear frequently enough ensures that you’ll always be wearing comfortable underwear that properly supports your buttocks, genitals, and crotch regions. These areas are sensitive, so it’s especially important to make sure that you’re properly taking care to ensure that you’re as comfortable as you can be down there. If your underwear is making you uncomfortable, this can translate into being less confident or even in a worse mood throughout the day, which can make a lot of things in life a lot more challenging. To keep everything sailing smoothly, it’s best to make sure to stay on top of your underwear!

Comfortable Underwear for a Comfortable Life

Everyone loves being comfortable, or more so, everyone dislikes being uncomfortable. It’s one of our most base instincts. Our bodies and subconscious minds realize that being comfortable is important for success, and if we’re uncomfortable we’re more likely to perform badly in our daily tasks. That’s exactly why you should make sure that you’re replacing your underwear every six to twelve months, so you can be completely sure that you’ll be comfortable enough to complete your tasks with confidence.


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