The Definitive Guide For Slim Men To Be Fashionable

The Definitive Guide For Slim Men To Be Fashionable

Fashion can be a cruel thing for slim men. To worsen matters, the articles that are meant to help men with fashion tips are usually targeted towards average bodied men or those with stocky builds. Despite this, most men would argue that slim men are lucky enough to simply walk into a clothes store and find an item that generally fits their frame.

As much as this might be true, learning how to dress properly for a slim body type is more than just finding the right size of clothes. It also involves picking out the right style and design of an outfit.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how slim men should dress to look fashionable.

Wear Slim Fit Pants

Wearing baggy pants does the opposite of what you probably hope for them to do. If you’re chubby, baggy trousers will make you look larger. If you have a slender body frame, baggy trousers will make you look even slimmer.

Instead, go for slim fit pants that will fit you nicely and appropriately without having excess fabric hanging about. This one style tip on itself can completely change the way people look at you for the better.

Colors And Patterns Will Make You Look Bigger

Wearing patterns and multiple colors is a good way to trick people visually and making you seem bigger than you truly are.

Lighter colors such as beige or white will boost your visual heft and make your body frame a bit larger than it really is. Just as darker colors are said to be a slimming effect, the opposite is true for lighter attire.

As for patterns, they will create a sense of motion for your outfit and make you appear larger especially if you’re wearing a busy pattern.

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Wear Long Sleeve Shirts

If as a slim guy you don’t have the arms to show off, it’s advisable that you wear long-sleeved shirts. A long-sleeved shirt makes you appear as bulkier than you truly are. Just make sure the sleeves are tight and fitting around the arms. Excess fabric will end up making your arms looking skinny, which is something you obviously don’t want.

A henley shirt is a good outfit idea for slim men. If you want to come off as laid back, you might want to roll up your sleeves.

Layer Your Outfits

For skinny guys, layering should be perceived as a blessing. Since layering involves combining multiple clothes to create a look, the right style of layering will make you look bigger and if done the right way, uber-stylish.

A good rule of thumb is to begin with light clothing and layer them with items made from heavy fabric. You just can’t wear a sweatshirt and then place a sweater on top. Sure you’ll look bigger but you won’t seem stylish in any sense.

You Don’t Have To Be Big-Bodied To Be Fashionable

The truth about looking stylish if you have a slender body frame is to find clothes that will fit you just right. Clothes should drape naturally over your body and fit around your body well. They should not feel tight and neither should they be too baggy or loose.

If you’re too specific, you can always find a good tailor who will amend your clothes to achieve the ideal fit.


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