Why There Is Hidden Money in Your Jewelry Box

Why There Is Hidden Money in Your Jewelry Box

Jewelry is one of the most treasured and prized possessions in the world. They are precious jewels handcrafted into beautiful accessories with loving care and expertise. It’s no wonder that the boxes and containers you keep them in are just as ornate and beautiful.

If you’re currently looking for a jewelry box, there’s a plethora of options to choose from. Here’s a few recommendations we can give. If you’re in the market for a high quality jewelry box, make sure to visit your local Beverly Hills pawn shop as they may have just what you’re looking for.

Small Jewelry Box

If you only have a few valuables, then you cannot go wrong with the classic jewelry box. Small, ornate and plush on the inside, they are beautiful additions to any dressing room. Small jewelry boxes are great for those who enjoy personalizing their boxes.

Jewelry Chest

If you have a sizable collection of jewelry and other accessories, then the classic jewelry box may not exactly be your forte. In such cases, the best option is going for a jewelry chest. Jewelry chests may be crafted from sturdy wood and varnished to perfection. They are often passed on by families as heirlooms.

It often uses cherry, maple or mahogany as a finish. They can be up to 14 inches across. Inside, the interior is lined with a soft cloth to prevent scratches. The hinges are often shiny but durable, with an ornate lock and key.


Jewelry armoires can come in two kinds: dresser armoire and standing armoire. A dresser top armoire is a lengthy box that swings out to the sides. The swing out types are best for necklaces. It’s aesthetically pleasing to open an armoire and easily be able to display all of your necklaces. In addition to hangers, there are also several compartments for your other jewelry.

A floor standing armoire is the best choice for very large collections. They are essentially specialized wardrobes for jewelry and other small pieces of clothing such as scarves and ascots. They are furniture crafted to blend in with any mainstream home.

Hidden Compartments

The interesting thing about all of these is that they can be customized to have “hidden” compartments. They are built into the design of the box to be as inconspicuous as possible. This can serve as a way to prevent your valuables from being stolen.

If you have an existing jewelry box, make sure to run your fingers across all of its crevices and surfaces. Hidden compartments are usually accomplished with the following methods:

Secret doors

Secret doors can be found on the sides on either the inside or outside of the box. Most of the time, it’s usually meant more for aesthetics.

Pull-out Platforms

Usually hidden in the sides or edges, these are meant to hide smaller jewels and coins.

False bottoms

A very popular hidden compartment. Most people tend to miss this as the upper layer already contains plenty of valuables.


Some large containers may actually just be shells for the real jewelry box within.


Jewelry boxes are a must for your jewelry. Your valuables shouldn’t be lying in the bottom of an old drawer. Be it a small box by your bedside, or as an extra cabinet in your home, jewelry boxes are a beautiful addition to any home’s interior.

They can come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to pick the size that’s best for you. Also, take into account any hidden compartments, as well as the design of the box itself. Take everything into account and you’ll have a beautiful new addition to your collection.


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