Tips for Using Lawn Signs to Promote Your Business

Tips for Using Lawn Signs to Promote Your Business

If you wish to find an effective way to promote your business, we recommend you to think about yard signs. Even though they seem outdated, they can provide you the maximum exposure, boost your brand awareness and bring you more customers than before.

Of course, you need to implement a professional-looking design in combination with a call to action. However, compared with other marketing options small businesses have, this is non-invasive, effective, and affordable to promote your company in your locality.

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The first thing you need to remember is that you need to be respectful to both private and public properties, which is why you should get proper permission to post a particular message.

If you neglect it, you may offend a property owner, which will end up with police that will damage your business’s reputation.

Before you decide to post a yard sign, you need to make sure with the state, county, and city laws to make sure that you abide by all codes and regulations beforehand.

As soon as you get adequately familiar with regulations and rules, you will be able to display your message to locals so that you can reach potential customers faster than before.

Keep in mind that yard signs are effective ways to boost your awareness and educate the community of your services and products. Everyone can see them from short distances, which means that they are attractive, especially if you implement a professional design.

Yard Sign Tips You Should Remember

  • They Should Be Straight Up – Keep in mind that people will walk or drive by your sign, which is why you need to make sure that it stays straight all the time. However, if it is not standing straight, they will not see the most of it, which will reduce the chances of someone choosing you instead of competitors. Remember that it is simple to read a sign if it is straight and pleasant, which you need to remember.

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  • Spread Them Around – In most cases, placing it on a single property is not sufficient enough. Of course, if you have a large property, you can ask for permission for more of them depends on the size of your property. You need to make sure to spread them around and think strategically while deciding the best location. That way, you can display them correctly without affecting the situation. The best-case scenario is to place it on every six hundred feet but avoid making them too distracting. When it comes to this type of ads, you need to know that less is more. Since the potential customers will only have a few seconds to capture everything you wanted to present, it is vital to make it as simple as possible.
  • Call to Action – As soon as you decide to implement a yard sign, you need to add a clear and transparent call to action. You can do it by identifying services or products you are offering, adding a website, phone number, and urgency. However, if you add too many words, you will create an opposite reaction, not something you should do.
  • Post It Online Too – One of the best ways to promote your local and small business is to take a picture of it and place it online so that both online and in-person potential customers can see it. Remember that by doing so, you are sharing social proof that you are professional about your business and that you wish to display that to your customers.

Lawn Signs to Promote Your Business


It does not matter what you decide to do because it is vital to be as consistent as possible with your advertising strategy and campaign. That way, you will give people time to understand more about your business, memorize your name and logo, and raise brand awareness.

It is vital to understand that people tend to be skeptical by nature, which is why they need to see outdoor signs a few times before they choose to become your customers. That is why you should think everything through and place it in an area with high foot traffic.

By considering the tips we presented above, you can differentiate your business from the competition, which is another significant benefit you will get afterward.


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