Up Your Style Quotient with Leather Belts

Up Your Style Quotient with Leather Belts

The one thing that may be missing from your wardrobe is a leather belt. Leather belts can up your fashion game. They look bold, beautiful and can be worn with almost anything.

The Colour of the Belt

Leather belts come in various colours. You can go for the basic black and brown traditional belt, with a light buckle. Or you could choose a more funky colour. You will find belts on the market that come in various colours, including blue, red, yellow and pink. Traditional black and brown colours are more formal and suitable for formal occasions. Bright colours will lift your look if you are going out for a party or a date.

Size of the Belt

You would want to choose a belt that is one size larger for you. Also, make sure to inform the merchant if you want extra holes in the belt. Sometimes people try to make holes in their belt at home, but this can end up ruining your leather belt.

The Buckle of the Belt

Some people prefer a simple buckle without logos and elaborate mechanisms. Some people prefer bold and big buckles that catch the eye. There are various types of belt buckles, including frame buckles, snap buckles, and webbing buckles. Choose the one that suits your wear the best. Depending on the occasion, the type of buckle plays an important role in your outfit.


The material of leather goods is of utmost importance. You would want to buy a leather belt that is made of real leather. Go for a belt that is made from thicker leather, and from a durable animal hide. Make sure that the dye used will last long. Since you will be wearing your leather belt often, the leather on the belt should be moisture-resistant and tear-resistant. Real leather lasts forever. They are more expensive, but it is worth the cost.

Belt Pattern

If you are looking for something more unique, consider buying a leather belt that has patterns on it. You will find belts with snakeskin patterns in various colours. Sanction Five is one such website where you will find the most superior quality belts crafted to perfection.

Choose a Brand that you Trust

When it comes to buying leather goods, it is always wise to choose a reputable brand. If the company isn’t genuine, you will end up wasting hard-earned money on something that does not last. Crafting leather items is a skill. You would want to choose a leather belt that is made by skilled professionals.


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